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About our products

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January - February Natural Deals

Sanafil helps you eat more sensibly, because you won’t feel so hungry. The 100% natural ingredients stimulate your body to produce hormones that make you feel full. This means you’re not constantly thinking about snacks, and you won’t feel the need for a second helping. 1008 IN STOCK

Green Tea / Acai Optimum is an amazing proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, formulated to jump start your metabolism! The formula uses metabolic thermogenic boosters which stimulate your body and help you lose weight. Green Tea Optimum is a great boost to any weight loss plan which includes exercise and healthy eating. 876 IN STOCK

Cleanse Probiotic Colon Nutrition was formulated to do exactly what it says on the box – cleanse (and detoxify) your colon. So why is cleansing your colon important? The colon is the largest part of the digestive system, and the digestive system is responsible for the breaking down of solids i.e. foods, into smaller parts, which in turn can then be more easily absorbed by the body. 1261 IN STOCK

Natural Ingredients

Green Tea

Green tea became popular due to the Chinese believing that it also has health benefits when it was drank daily. These benefits included keeping off fat, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases, easing the effects of alcohol, and preventing fatigue amongst many more.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant has a green (hard) rind, sometimes with white spots, and contains a sticky white substance (sap) under the rind, which is the Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera plant grows naturally in a warm fertile land, does not like frost thus needs to be grown indoors in cold areas, and needs only a small amount of water to sustain.

Korean Pine Nut

Traditionally used as part of a cooking ingredient due to its protein and dietary fibre, it has also been recently discovered that the oil extracts from the Korean pine nut has also an appetite suppressing tendency.


Used by the Amazonian tribes for many thousands of years, this incredible fruit was only recently discovered by the Western world (around the late ‘80s to ‘90s). The Acai berry has earned its place in the superfood category with its many health benefits, which include supporting the digestive system and aiding weight loss.