Women are the worst when it comes to yo-yo dieting, and for those of us (which is the majority), who have tried to diet can't stick to it because of one thing cravings because we are hungry. Dieting is a tough business - you have to find the time and motivation to continually exercise regularly. You have to constantly watch what you eat, then you have to count the calories and keep records of what you eat. And to add to it, we are often prone to over eating after exercising as your body is trying to recover the fat lost in your hard worked gym session, therefore ending up eating more than before you started the whole dieting/exercise regime. The theory is simple, eat less calories than what you burn in a day will equal weight loss. But putting this theory into action is much more difficult. RRP: £27.95 (60 Capsules - 1 Month Supply) Save up to 20%



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Though Sanafil cannot help you with the exercising part, it can aid you with the over eating and hunger cravings part as Sanafil will suppress your hunger feelings rapidly.

Made with the key ingredient of Korean Pine Nut Oil, an oil that is particularly filled with fatty acids that causes you to feel full quickly, Sanafil is ideal for suppressing those hunger cravings.

Comes in packs of 30 or 60 capsule box. On average you will consume 4 capsules a day therefore a 30 capsule box should last approximately one week.

Traditionally Korean Pine Nut Oil, used as part of a cooking ingredient due to its protein and dietary fibre, it has also been recently discovered that the oil extracts from the Korean pine nut has also an appetite suppressing tendency.